Who we are

Carolyn Mendelsohn

Carolyn Mendelsohn is known as a portrait photographer and as an artist who uses photography and film and sound to realise creative ideas rooted within the lives of individuals, their story and location. Her work is crafted through a rigorous process of social research and collection of material. It follows a visual narrative and usually has emotional content and she is known for creating compelling, powerful portraits. Alongside this she works on personal portrait commissions and commercial briefs, lifestyle and fashion. Her work is exhibited and published internationally. In 2021 Carolyn’s series Being Inbetween was in exhibition at Impressions Gallery, Bradford., and is available as a book published by Bluecoat Press.

“I am interested in creating photography and film that looks at personal stories, responding to locations and histories. Much of my work has explored narratives around the experience of migration, diaspora, and my own lived experience. I am particularly drawn to exploring the hidden stories, and give voice to those that are silenced or marginalized.

I always look to find ways to reflect and communicate the diverse world we live in, through contemporary art practice in a way that is authentic and that it is meaningful engagement.”

Emily Ryalls

Emily Ryalls is a photography graduate based in Wakefield. Photographically, her work is concerned with representation and blurring the line between a divided photographer/subject relationship, developed through an intersection of performance, photography and collaborative image making.

Emily first joined Through Our Lens after (rather persistently) asking to be involved in an intern capacity. She worked within the group as Carolyn’s assistant – supporting the talented young people as they grow as artists and excel into new opportunities.